By Teasel

Over The Golf Course

Got up, showered, dressed, got my laptop set up at the kitchen table, sat down with my breakfast and got on with things.  That was pretty much me for the rest of the day.   I did stop for lunch and had a few interruptions from BB, but that was it.  BB said he couldn’t play his X-Box anymore – which is always a bad sign.  He changed seats to the sofa and watched a couple of movies.  I did send him out the post box in the middle of the afternoon, but he sprinted there and back, so he was only gone about ten seconds!

I prepped tea and headed out for my daily exercise, (though I was distracted by the jigsaw) – it was such a beautiful evening.  I used the time to call my mum and dad – just tom check up on them.  They are both fine and seem to be well provisioned.  They live in the country so are managing to get out for a walk.  I do need to check they have managed to get their medication sorted out.

I was struggling with a white building in the jigsaw, and even though the lighting was hopeless, I was determined to complete the building before I went to bed.  I managed, but was almost driven mad by it.  Only the sky to go.

A view over the golf course looking up to the Garleton Hills to here.  The farmers were busy, there were tractors everywhere and one of the fields has a tinge of yellow already. The river runs along where the nearest scrubby trees are, and the A1 runs along at the top of the green field.

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