Recording a moment

By chrisf

Member of Parliament

I attended a Carbon Literacy Event this morning, at Salford University’s campus at Media City. The event was headlined “Planning for the Green Industrial Revolution”. An interesting morning, attended by Salford’s MP Rebecca Long-Bailey. She is also the Shadow for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

I think the climate change challenge is the biggest one the world Is now facing, notwithstanding every other big challenge there is. It has got to be a bipartisan issue, which all politicians take seriously. The challenges are capable of being met, but we do need to start seriously now, and with big actions.

Extra. I got to the Quays early, and went to see if the swallows were nesting in their usual place under the dockside parapet. They were ! It is amazing to find these birds in such a hard environment, right in the centre of the metropolis. Winter hawking over the grassland of Southern Africa, summers hawking over the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford. Our decisions about decarbonisation or otherwise will have implications for the future of these fantastic birds.

NB. The main pic is with my phone camera, no problem. The extra is with my little camera. It is either playing up or (more likely) I have done something inadvertently with the settings, as I am getting curious double exposures. I don’t even know how to do those deliberately.

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