By dreaming


I went up to visit May today, to play cards and give her her weekly stipend.  In order to get on Medicaid, she had to spend down her savings to a very small amount. Trying to figure out how to use those funds for May's future well-being was difficult,   Once on Medicaid, she is limited in what spending money she can have - in her case,  $20 a week.  That doesn't go far for someone who loves to shop in thrift stores, get her nails done, get her hair cut and colored, and shop for costume jewelry.  Fortunately, we all gave her money for her birthday, so she was able to use that for some extras.  She was focused and in good spirits today, and I think she said "I love you" as I was walking out the door.

The route to May's home is a long and complicated one, but today I was able to get there without using GPS  I think after a couple more visits I'll be able to do the whole round trip unaided.  The sun was out very brightly on my return, and I stopped at Trader Joe's, where I photographed these pretty roses.

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