A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Spent a lot of time today either at the station or on a train as I am now in Bristol. Sunday service is much slower, there were several stations where the train stood still for 15 - 20mins.

Grace and Eda came to meet me which was lovely although the first thing she said to me was Boppa which is Grampa!
We had bath time and story time and then she was off to bed. So lovely to see her again but I decided I didn’t want to immediately start taking pictures as I arrived, so was on the look out for something on the way.
This is new ‘wibbly’ seating on the mezzanine/bridge at Leeds station.
I get here early and my first stop is a coffee from up there (take my own reusable cup) which I sit and drink before checking my platform and going down again.

The seats are very colourful and quite low and maybe a little bit curved for balancing your cup on but I think they are great.
Low is fine by me, I don’t like the new high stools and tables which had appeared on my last visit and they are warm unlike the metal chairs which are penetratingly cold whatever the season!

So this is it for today, I’m sure Eda will appear over the next few days.

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