A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Eda and Charlie ...

have fun at St Andrew’s park.

I’ve come specially to be here for Mumday Monday, when Grace’s friends and their little ones get together each week.
It has been a really hot and sunny day so the choice of going to the park was a good one.

We met Lou and little Charlie and walked down Glos Rd to get there and later mum Charlie and baby Ted joined us.
The toddlers had a great time on the climbing frame/slide and on the swings. I think you can see that in their expressions here.

We noticed that the paddling pool was open so headed over there. I think Eda would have preferred to stay at the slide she understandably didn’t want to paddle in the cold water but no such hesitation from Charlie or the mums. (Extra)

It was Grace’s turn to host lunch so we all headed back to the house where we were joined by by three other mums, two babies and a toddler and another visiting Granny. Amazingly we all fitted in for lunch - the toddlers were by then having naps upstairs and then we all went out into the garden.

Charlie and Eda are great friends. Before going for a nap they were both playing with Eda’s kitchen and were very happily shrieking at each other!

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