A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Cool and green and shady

We were out at 8.30am,  which is not early for me solo or with the ladies but it is early for Chris and I.

We wanted to beat the heat and the crowds and coming to Goit Stock from the Hallas Bridge end by walking along the top of the woods we did find it reasonably tranquil .  We met friends and neighbours doing the same which was nice but did slow is down.
The attraction in the valley for me us not the ‘ famous’ waterfall, which I’ve known all my life, but on a day like this the dappled sun through the now verdant canopy, the beck and it’s surrounding fauna and flora. Today lots of wild garlic adding to the bluebells.
This  is why I’ve chosen this shot for my blip, taken at the top end of the Goit above the waterfall.
Lots of amazing flowers everywhere. The Beck further down is now virtually hidden by the trees in full leaf and the greenery growing at it’s edges. 

We left just as the big groups were arriving, now parking all the way up the roadside from the Malt Shovel bridge. It’s not that we’ve don’t want to share but it really is a place for walkers passing through not large family groups with their picnics as there really isn’t the space.

I was a bit down at the end of last week but walks like this and a lovely long phone call last night to my daughter plus seeing my granddaughter playing in her stripey pj’s this morning has really picked me up. Nothing really has changed but we have talked about what might be possible. Above all I know we are solid in Eda’s memory and affection, she’ll definitely know who we are when the big reunion comes!

Other good news, yesterday our remaining holiday booking was sorted. We got an e mail outlining the options, all very reasonable, as was the person I spoke to in late April  when we should have paid our balance. We could have had a full refund of our deposit but there were other options and we’ve gone for a deferment to the exact same time next year at the same price.
It was to be for Chris’s birthday and he will have a special one next year so even better really. I know we can’t really know what will happen that far ahead but as we’re not paying any more right now I think it’s a good result. We’ve been lucky in getting a good resolution for all out bookings.

Finally passing under a tree as we set out we saw lots twigs on the road as a very inept pigeon was trying to build a nest, it had not made any progress when we returned an hour a half later! 

Stay safe everyone 

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