A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

In a scented garden

Another hot day.
I had the day to myself as Grace was working and Eda at nursery. Took a stroll half way done Gloucester Road and back.
3.5 miles which was enough in the sun and in flip flops!

Had a coffee break at Boston Tea Party sitting outside and then crossed the road to visit 3 favourite arty shops before,
walking back.

Had my lunch sat in the back garden which was lovely and shady as the canopy was still up to provide shade for the little ones. There was an amazing smell from the Jasmine and it is looking beautiful, we’ve only ever had a winter flowering one nothing as pretty as this. There was very little noise considering the nearness of the main road just the occasional
emergency vehicle as my daughter lives quite near to a busy hospital.
I could hear the sound of bees and assumed they were under the spell of the Jasmine like me but it was the Alliums that we’re getting there attention, even though they have nearly gone over.

I was going to go inside to be ready for the delivery of a chair between 3 and 5 but Grace got a message to say they were delayed and wouldn’t be there till after 5. So I got an even longer stint in the garden. Would love one of these canopies at home.

The chair arrived soon after Grace and Eda so we all had fun in the garden before bath and bed. I read her one of my new books from Scotland ‘Harry the Highlander’. She was very attentive to the story and seemed to love it, not a board book either as she isn’t grabbing the pages all the time now but we still have lots of old favourites to go back to which she very often chooses herself.
After she was settled we had a BBQ tea and ice creams! Think I’m on holiday. Oops no I’m in charge tomorrow when I pick Eda up from nursery at lunchtime. We’ll have a fun afternoon.

(Tiny Tuesday but sorry not a mineral but animal and vegetable!)

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