A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Cheeky face!

It has been another lovely day but hasn’t turned out quite as planned.

I walked to the bottom of Gloucester Road this morning for a few things for Grace and for myself. Stopped about half way for a coffee and then got the bus back as I had to be at nursery at 12.30 to pick Eda up and then expected to be walking again this afternoon taking her to the park at Horfield Common.
She had her afternoon nap which last night longer usual so I decided to wake her at 3.45 and she had just started to stir.
Thought it was a bit late for the park by then but she didn’t want to go out anyway. We sat and had five stories which she selected herself and then wanted to bounce on Granny’s bed. Couldn’t persuade her to go down and go in the garden she was enjoying what she was doing.
I didn’t mind really as when I picked her up from nursery I fell over a tractor and trailer with her in my arms. Protecting her I couldn’t brace or save myself so have a bruised foot and sore knee! Eda is absolutely fine and was just a little shocked but Grace is insisting I have an ice pack on my foot which is killing me! (The G&T is helping a bit!)

When we eventually got downstairs I gave her some raisins and she pulled out the kitchen step stool and sat herself at it to eat them! She’s very pleased with herself as you can see!
Likewise at bath time we had music on and she chose her own dance out fit which consisted of a tutu, slippers and nothing else - extra.
I did the bedtime stories again, I just love it and her!

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