Doing a Twitfacechat?

Given that I understand correctly, it seems to be a bit of a habit, on at least one of the anti-social media, to exhibit to the watching world just precisely what your meal is/was.
I'm mildly chuffed in that, as I said a year or so ago, Omelettes used to be one of Alice's jobs. Having mastered the art some time ago I've been branching out.
We often had Staffordshire Oatcakes with bacon & cheese and I recently saw Chef John, alias  "Carlisle 195" making an omelette over his campfire on youtube, utilising Ramsons from the wood.
Finely chopped Ramsons, nicked from Jerra on my last greenhouse watering trip & Freezered + a couple of dry cured, smoked back bacon & a few shreds of Welsh Slate cavern aged Cheddar.

Cheese & Ramsons in the mix and bacon added prior to fold. I haven't quite mastered the Chef's flip 100% yet, but at least it all stays in the pan.

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I may yet indulge in some more "Wild fooding". By an odd coincidence we saw some Burdock while at Walney and thought it might well be as "in Dandelion & Burdock."

Here's where the coincidence rears its head:-
I happened to have Roger Phillips "Wild food" to hand, due to Carlisle 195. I opened it, literally QUITE at random, and it opened at Burdock; where I found:-
Recipes for "Boiled Burdock stems", B~~~Roots "Boiled dry", "Roasted burdock", "Burdock Beer", and "Burdock & Dandelion Beer".

But, to paraphrase Mrs. Beaton "First, catch your Burdock."

Given, of course, it's still legal.
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N.B. It's a tad blurry on account of it being ≤ the 600 pixels rqd. by the software.
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