By Veronica

End of an era

A splendid location for our last concert of the season: the Basilique St Nazaire in the Cité of Carcassonne. There was a great turnout too. It wasn't my job to take photos today so you're saved from yet another concert blip.

In the silence just before Anthony opened the concert by playing his nemesis, the Pavane, the little nun in a place of honour in the front row provided some light relief: her phone rang. Or rather tinkled out a jolly little melody. We tried to keep straight faces while she rummaged in her bag and attempted to stop it. Maybe it helped soothe Anthony's nerves: he gave an error-free performance for the first time, and his solo was excellent too. Huge round of applause from those of us who know how difficult it is for him.

The rest of the concert went well too, although we all wobbled a bit in the (luckily short) encore, as it sank in that it was William's final moments conducting the choir. Standing ovation at the end.

Afterwards it was the usual auberge espagnole buffet: vast quantities of food contributed by choir members. The room was a bit too small and horribly lit, so I didn't attempt to take many photos. William had to endure the usual silly song and speeches, and was then showered with presents. Extra: with the souvenir photo book. A long day: the concert was at 4:30, and we finally got home at about 10. 

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