By flavia13


Quiet day today, I've been sorting out all my photograph files, which badly needed doing.   At least now they are in some sort of order.  They were in a sort of order anyway, but over time things change, I get tired after editing and don't tidying up immediately and in the end it's a mess.  NOW SORTED - YEAH (well sort of).

Hubby is going up his allotment tomorrow so a day out on my own with the camera methinks, now got to think where would be a good place to go to practice on a colour theme for my EDPS Projects (this week's is to do showing emotion in a photograph using colour), plus I didn't do last weeks, so that's complementary colours, so for me it's either blues and yellows together or purple and green I think.  I also need to do a project for my Let'sDo52 site, which coincidentally is themed Green (I may go down the eco route but we'll see).

It is Mono Monday so this is my entry.  Afraid it's just a part of our smal back garden.  The canes are ready for runner beans, and around by the bird tables we have fruit trees (1 damson, which you  can't see), 2 dessert apples and 1 cooking apple and on the ground by the bird table are autumn raspberries (which  I'm really looking forward to sampling.  It's amazing what you can grow in a small amount of space.

The theme for Mono Monday is nature, well growing things is sort of nature isn't it, there's also trying to encourage bird life with the bird table and bird bath and the neighbours trees behind the stone wall - all sort of related to nature - isn't it???

Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting.

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