By Kipsie

Well, would you Adam & Eve it ...

Thought I'd just nip out into the garden for my mono nature blip set by nickimags888, happily snapping some lovely ferns that have unfurled in the shady corner of our "new" (we only moved in last October so quite exciting seeing what's actually here in the garden, plants,colours etc.) garden, when I spotted what I thought was a sneaky, I was going to say little, but in actual fact  a BIG snail hiding in a piece of plant box that I'd used to mark where I'd added Liatris corms earlier in the Spring. Well it was'nt one BIG snail, it was two BIG snails, & they were making baby snails. I've just lobbed them over the wall onto the grass verge outside where I hope they have a long & happy life together :)

While on the subject of garden pests, I planted up my first block of sweetcorn on the allotment this morning, then as bold as you like Mr & Mrs Pheasant walked across my plot. Oh flippin 'eck! Do they like juicy young sweetcorn plants ................. Not wishing to find out the hard way I had to construct some form of rapid defence as I'd been faffing about measuring my blocks .. It suddenly occurred to me that they should all be of a regular size if I want to make a portable netted framework. So I marked it out with canes .. they're not TOO random but need a little tweaking. The Chihuly exhibition came to end today, so that patch was turned, a jackhammer would have been useful but did'nt have one handy. I'd promised a new allotment holder a couple of Butternut squash plants yesterday, so left them beside her shed. I've not grown them before, & these plants are from seed saved from veggies I'd bought, but I believe they are rather vigorous in their habit. Forgot to mention that. I'm really looking forward to planting mine. I've got just the spot for them. They can compete with the bindweed. Game on!!
Supermarket shop day with Mum, I had suggested a change, we went to Morrison's, well of course the layout is completely different to the Coop where we normally go so Mum's list which she compiles aisle by aisle went straight out the window, AND Morrison's had customers, not used to that either at the Coop. Don't get me wrong the Coop has customers, if I said there were 20 customers shopping on a Monday morning I would'nt be too far wrong. Morrison's had nearly that many checkouts working. Coop has 2 when there's a rush on. SO it was a bit haphazard but I think we ticked everything off Mum's list.... in the end.
Back to mum's for a Danish & coffee.
"Have you used the new oven yet?"
"Why not?"
"I'm not sure how it works"
I forget the Mum is 87 young this year. She is so fit & switched on for her age, thank goodness, that she copes with everything normally in her stride, but the new oven has obviously fazed her a little, so we went through it together ... not sure how much of a success it was as she does get her left & right mixed up, hence her being an absolute nightmare as a co-pilot/driver. No sense of direction whatsoever. The knob is turned clockwise for the grill, anticlockwise for the oven ... Could we get that right ... LOL!!! No we could not. She's probably used the microwave to make dinner tonight. I only hope I live to be Mum's age and be as switched on as she is.

Gas & electric suppliers .. what a minefield? Phew! Anyway, that phone call was quickly executed and query solved.
Next phone call was to book myself on a Learn Devon willow workshop which for whatever reason I was'nt able to enroll for on-line because my N.I number did'nt recognise my address. What a fiasco!!! Sorted with a very helpful Teignbridge Council member of staff :) Feeling warm & woolly, the feeling one is supposed to feel after having a customer service experience (My retail workshop blah kicking in lol!!) I then FB messaged Tesco's about two packs of Acidanthera murielae that have completely failed. I love the plant, & was thrilled when I saw them as a multi buy as corms. As I was planting up a completely new bed I had marked everything planted with canes and a piece of the plant pack so that I knew what was where. If I had'nt done that then I probably would have forgotten that I'd even planted them, anyway, a very swift reply from their customer service and a voucher on it's way. I would have preferred the plants to be showing themselves but hey ho!! Will have to look out for them again as I definite;y want them in this bed.

I'm now watching Eggheads ........... not a great fan. The Eggheads make me "itch". I know they're clever but they have a sort of arrogance, & Jeremy Vine, I preferred him on Strictly.... purely personal obviously. I did'nt know who he was on Strictly, shows how much t.v I watch. I prefer the Chase. I like Bradley Walsh, & his quick wit.

Time to make dinner ... I made a batch of Spag Bol sauce yesterday while the oven was on for the roast. Hubby has requested his spicy for dinner tonight. It will be with Jersey Royal potatoes, Wonky Sweetheart cabbage :)

Ciao 4 now!!

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