By Kipsie

My Tiny Tuesday model

 very obligingly landed on the patio door glass early this morning. It was such a beauty that I totally forgot to check if there was an additional tag from Ninniex, which there was but I'd left it too late as it's been another hectic day. Woke early so was out in the garden doing a little weeding and planting just after 6am. Two loads of washing on the line in glorious sunshine, then off to look after Jorgie, Cassie, Lucy & Stan while Mum & Dad are in London for a few days. Unpacked, moved the parrots out into the conservatory, walked Jorgie then off to the hospital. I should have continued my tongue exercises after completing my treatment. Ops! I have to do them for life so need make them part of my daily routine.
Lunch enjoyed in the glorious sunshine, what a treat :) Another walk with Jorgie, then Cass before going to get my haircut. Back home to protect my newly planted hosta from any munching critters. Gave the newly laid turf a good soaking here, plus watered the plants, I recognised some of them  from the Malvern Spring show. It's going to look great when Cassiesmum has planted them, & they've clumped up. 
Not to clued up on UK moths so if anyone can enlighten me with an ident that would be brilliant.

Thanks to Ninniex for hosting

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