By pensionspoet

He's been released!

Mollie pointed out that in an earlier blip I'd referred to dad and the other men as 'inmates'. I must point out he's been stuck in a hospital ward for the past 10 days - not a prison cell! (Although I'm sure dad felt like a prisoner at times). I was pleased to get the news that he could go home this evening, and Manda collected him. Fingers crossed he has no further set backs, and can get on with getting better and stronger and back to normal. He has lost a lot of weight, which can seen in my smiling extra of dad (it's a family joke, the smiling!)

I had a long day at work. I met Henry at lunchtime and we sat in the castle grounds and ate iced fingers. Not on my diet, but just slipped into my basket in Tesco. As it was my late night, Henry caught the bus back to the p&r and Jon picked him up just after 4.30. I left at 5.40 and was home by 6.45. After a little sit down, Moll and I did week 2 day 1 of our couch to 5k. Yuck. But it's done.

I had a nice leisurely shower and washed my hair while Mollie and H cooked dinner. Not much time for anything except a bit of tv before bed.

Feel much happier now I know dad is home.

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