Feeding Frenzy

Awake early and I'm finally getting round to filling in the gaps.  One of the downsides of these kinds of trips is that you are always on the go, which takes its toll on me by the end of the day.  I think this outing to see the 'diving gannets' has to be the highlight of the trip so far and we were so lucky in having a calm sea and very good light.  I took thousands of images which I won't really get to look at until I get home, but I have uploaded a few to my iPad.  I struggled to decide which to share.  I chose two gannets in parralel flight for FB (which you may have seen) and I finally settled on this feeding image to give a sense of the general mayhem that happened as a fish was thrown into the water.

Our boat trip was out of Lerwick, heading for Noss National Nature Reserve,  and I couldn't recommend our skipper enough.  He was great.  After enjoying coffee and cake in a Harbour side cafe we set off for Unst, retracing some of the journey that we'd made when we went otter hunting earlier in the week.

Oh and at the end of the gannet trip we had a surprise visitor.

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