Hmmmmmm .........

 .......... being a "dog person" I am not 'wild' about cats (except wild cats) - I would never hurt one but then neither would I really want one.

As I have mentioned before my neighbours' two bedroomed (small) bungalow houses 14 cats (sometimes more but never less) - I do get very 'wild' about the amount of cat scat on my gravel drive, on my lawn, on my garden and about the amount of soil that is scratched up and scattered for said cat scat.

Very often I open the front door to find three, four, five cats sunning themselves on the (my) path or in front of the (my) garage ...... grrrrrr.
This was taken through the front door glass ...............

This is one such cat - stunning eyes - but none of them are particularly friendly either - which could be down to them knowing we have a cat-hating dog!!!

Full-screen feline ....

My entry to Cailleach's "WildWed164" challenge this week.

~ Anni ~

Some "mineraly' measuring spoons for TinyTuesday yesterday have also been uploaded today!

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