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This came with my supermarket flowers three weeks ago.

Very acceptable larger ..........

I think I have discovered why my flowers seem to last so long - three weeks ago I bought two bunches - a mixed one and one with fifteen yellow roses - too many to go in one vase so eight yellow roses went in with the mixed and the other seven in a vase of their own with some greenery.
The larger vase went on the hearth (my usual place) and the smaller vase on a side table - all the roses on the hearth are still fresh-looking, the ones on the side table had to go yesterday - I've come to the conclusion it's the fresh air that comes down the chimney that does the trick!

FLOWERFRIDAY15_2020  (FF15_2020):

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158 fabulous blippers, with fabulous photos, joined in last week - thank you so much for taking the time.   I could have easily doubled both BB Hearts and HMs this week.

Smile for the Day:

A man is at the zoo and asks one of the keepers if they have any talking parrots.
" No "  says the keeper  " but we do have a woodpecker that knows morse code "

Applebottoms Apple Pie and Pastry Products.  
The factory manager has announced very disappointing results.
They've had 500 men and women working non-stop all year and they have only managed to produce one small triangular apple pastry.
The manager admitted this represented a very small turnover!

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

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