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By Jeanneb53

Couldn’t resist ..

Thought I knew what I was going to post today but we had a short walk this morning to see the council’s one way system around Coppice Pond. Officially the area isn’t yet open for parking by the council but of course it isn’t stopping people. 

The main path has been divided into keep left lanes and the route round the pond is one way.
I can understand them trying this but really a yellow line in the dust isn’t going to last. It was quite early when we were there and not that many people but we saw three groups ignoring the one direction.

The male swan and the juvenile were in the water but there were very few other birds. We fed them across from the Pen and her brood still asleep on the island. 

She stretched and moved into the water and it was lovely seeing the youngsters waking and moving after her. (Love the little one stretching in the extra complication - bottom right)
Once they were all in she set off with them in her wake. 
I took the blip just as she did this with the Rhododendrons on the island in the back ground! So managed flower Friday too!

Around the other side we stopped to watch a tree creeper very busily climbing up into the canopy. It had something in it’s mouth but I don’t know what. No sign of the goslings where they were last week or the young Goosanders spotted by Wilsden Walker yesterday. 

Back via the village and chemists. Chris wanted to shop and mow the lawns so not along walk today.

The second extra is a Lily of the Valley in the garden. This was going to be my ff blip. It was remarkably difficult to photograph and I wasn’t really satisfied with it taken in either sun or shade despite virtually lying on the ground! I’ve made a compilation to record it as it’s one of those things that flowers some years and then we don’t see it again for a while.

Have a good and safe weekend every body.

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