By ExtraTime

Up Close ...

... to a gargoyle - or maybe a water-spout?  There was a pretty stout railing between it and me, so I couldn't get any closer. 

We were on top of the tower at Melrose Abbey, and it was a great day for viewing the country round - I think. I'd just been to the opthalmologist and had drops in my eyes, so things were a bit blurry. 

Going round the Abbey was displacement activity  - I really wanted to have coffee and a scone in one of the cafes, but I'm supposed to be trying to fit into my summer frocks, and summer seems to be here.

I had the idea that I'd get a shot for the Wide Angle challenge from up there. The theme today is 'artistic'. Well, I suppose the carvings in the stone are sort-of artistic ...  I gave it a tweak in GoArt, see extra, but I prefer the original.

Thanks very much, BobsBlips for hosting the challenge and prompting me to give my least-used lens an outing.

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