By HeidiHH

23052019 - Epic roadtrip day 3

Today we drove from Asturgo all the way to north of Galicia to see the Atlantic ocean. We took some smaller roads next to the Galician and Asturian border river Eo which was so lush and green. We also drove over Cordellera Cantabria over the montainrange and went through so many tunnels and over amazingly tall bridges. Very beautiful landscapes.

We ate the biggest croisants in a cafe next to Rio Eo with coffees. It cost 4€. 2 coffees, 2 lobster size croisants. Served to the table. What a treat. I need to go on a diet after this trip.

We made it to the Praia das Catedrais (Cathedral beach) which was breathtaking. We walked around there and enjoyed the brisk Atlantic winds. It felt so good!

We then drove east on the coast side dropping to see some lighthouses and capes. Each as beautiful as the next. What an amazingly rugged and beautiful country.

Then we started to drive further east heading to Picos de Europa and at the same time searching for a nice hotel to spend the night with the dogs. 3rd hotel was open. Ans it's a very nice one. The owners basically have a huge house and have made it to a one star rural hotel where they have their own flat too. We can see Picos de Europa mountains from our balcony and we can see Rio Sella's delta heading to the Atlantic sea. We can hear hundreds of bird singing and cowbells making their own sounds. We see some sheep as well as few palm trees before the mountain range that's peaks are covered in clouds. This is amazing. This place has a very jungle-ish wibe.

The lady of the house who gave us our room was also super nice. We got some maps over the Ribadesella city that is situated in the delta below us and one of routes of Picos de Europa.

Basically no one speaks English anywhere in Spain so it's good for us to use the little Spanish skills we have. And it's nice to notice we manage with it.

Again I'm so tired. Tomorrow will be a new day. Dogs are already sleeping. They've been enjoying the fresh air too and been walking happily.

Ps. The photo in the left and center bottom row does not "print" as it looks when I compile it. I tried to fix it 3 times, it doesn't work out, so I give up and will go have a shower.

Good night!

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