By HeidiHH

24052019 - Epic roadtrip day 4

Today has kind of been the main event of the whole trip. We got to see Lagos de Covadonga (Covadonga lakes) at 1200+ meters above sea level.

We were very lucky. We had no idea they close the road up to the lakes for weekends, so it being Friday today, we got to go. The busses would not take dogs.

And what a drive it was! Serpentine roads up steep hills with incoming traffic and occational goats or cows on the road. But we made it and got to walk around the lakes Enol and Ercina.

We also walked up to a mirador, but once we got there the fog surrounded us and we barely saw each other. We also got some light showers and once we were back at the car the sun was shining for a while. Mostly it was cloudy. But that's okay. The dogs were walking so happily in the green grass with perfect walking temperature around 15 degrees celsius.

We started our morning taking a walk down to the Ribadesello which we could see from our room window last night. We had nice hours walk in the harbour area and walked uphill to an ermita. It must be one of the most beautiful villages I've ever seen. The history of the village was presented in the murals wher we walked and it's history with people living there goes back 10 000 years! What a place!

After mountains we went to walk along river Dobra. There was also one Roman bridge along the way. The water was so clear you could see every stone and every fish. Amazing!

So now we are taking a little brake in the hotel room. Dogs are snoring. Soon we'll feed them and take them for another walk and the we have dinner at the hotel at 8:30! First hot meal of the roadtrip. Due to the fact that it's off season and we've been staying in rural little places because it's easier with the dogs that way. But this hotel has the option for a dinner ans we took it with screaming with joy. We'll also have a first hotel breakfast of the trip.

Then we'll need to make some planning for tomorrow. Picos de Europa is huge, we've only seen little western part of the mountain range. So adventure continues.

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