By HeidiHH

25052019 - Epic roadtrip day 5

Another long day on the mountains and the road.

Today we headed southeast following the Picos de Europa mountains and took a steep hike up to about 1000 meters with elevation of 400 meters. We climbed up 1,5 hours and total route was 2,5 hours. Both of our legs were screaming after this steep mountain hike.

The we continued the Picos de Europa route south. It's very picturesque. Too bad I could only fit 3 landscapes in this collage. We went up to 1600 meters on the road and saw some beautiful snowy peaks.

Now we are in Santo Domingo de Silos and took a walk around the city with it's monistary and church and cemetary. All look medieval. I'm just too tired to even google the history of this place.

Today fortunately the first pet friendly hotel had room for us. But it's quite - how could I put it - old but sterile. No personality. But when you travel with dogs you can only choose places that allow them. They really do cramp our style.

If we take the shortest route home, we are about 6 hour drive away. So tomorrow we decide if we drive all the way home or adventure another night in the pet friendly hotels.

Now it's night night.

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