By HeidiHH

25052020 73rd Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

Picture from my morning walk.
I took the longer route (more smoother climb) up hill. It took about 4km to get to the top. That's along climb even if it's not steep. I did get the sweat oozing.

I managed to do 10,5km. Again it's hard when you have to be sure you're home by 10 am. I'd do longer walks without the curfew.

I put some pain gel on my leg so I was able to walk pretty good. I'm still bit cautious with the right leg. Not sure it's working okay even if it has been. It's just that the longer walks might be too much, but hasn't so far.

After that I've been finishing my "open projects" around the house. I'm glad to get some piles away from my work desk.

I also took some curtains down and I'll wash them tomorrow morning. They are so light they'll dry in few hours.

Dogs got some cow ears from Amazon. They need some action in all this. I talked with Rachel about that and she told me her dog was commented to also have gained weight during the confinement. It's amazing how this also has affected our pets too.

Spain made an announcement that tourists will be allowed into country without quarantine from 1. of July. That's about 5 weeks away. We are still now allowed to train to next towns territory, or visit nature reserves or swim in the ocean, but soon the tourists will arrive. I think this is all about the money. They don't get money if I go have a swim, but it does help economy when the tourists come. I'm a bit upset about this. It kills me to know the water is 22°C already!

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