By HeidiHH

26052019 - Epic roadtrip day 6

We are home. After a long day on the road.

We started our day going through Desfiladero de la Yecla. Which means going through a very narrow gorge in a narrow passage way. We left the dog to the car as they would not have enjoyed it and the car was in the shade and it was 9°C so they we were okay in the car for 15 minutes. (We were staying the night at over 1000 meters altitude so the nights were still cold.)

Desfiladero de la Yecla was a gorgeous place and the fact that eagles were flying up in the sky made it really special.

Then we headed to Albarracin. A village that has been voted as the most beautiful village in Spain. It was very pretty. We had a nice walk there and the dogs enjoyed the river water.

As we headed south the temperatures just kept on rising. We had a snack and a walk at a water reservoir about 150km north and inland from here and it was 25°C after 6 pm.

It's just the best feeling to be able to sleep in own bed. Just the best. I think the dogs enjoy being home too.

Tomorrow I start to go though nearly 1000 photos I took on the way. I think that's gonna take few days....

It was a great trip and it gave me lot to think about and even more respect for nature. How versatile and adjusting it is!

Btw. the last photo is the view we get while driving home after we descended from the highlands. So very different looking landscapes here. I miss the green already. Perhaps a visit to the beach will help that.

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