By HeidiHH

23052020 71st Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

It's been an interesting day today.

I took a little walk by myself to keep my knee moving. It's easier for me to walk than to sit with the knee. It's still bruised and bit swollen but so much better. Actually my left wrist hurt the most when I woke up. I've been massaging it and it's better now. So I'm pretty good. Some souvenirs in my body still.

It's been a HOT day. and it was a fairly warm night too. I think it stayed over 20°C all night long.

I made curls to my husband's hair with straws just to pass time. He actually enjoys the look, but the curls will wash away in the shower.

We've played lots of Yatsy these past days. Today was no different.

I went to see Jennifer and I think we talked in her yard (as it is now possible) for a good hour.

We got the PM Sanchez to announce that tourists are allowed to Spain from 1.7. That is fantastic! Also from Monday on we should be allowed to train all over our province if we can in the given time slot. So people can cycle, jog and walk all around. But we still have the slots we have to use. It might be possible to train twice a day. But I'm not sure if that's a rumor or a rule. So more good news. And apparently swimming will be allowed in phase 2. I'm not believing that yet. I wanna see that rule myself, but all and all very good indicators. As the cases and deaths plummet down still in Spain. This just puts a smile on our faces.

I've also made few more masks. It's pretty boring, but I figure if I do couple a day, soon we'll have enough. I gave so many away when it was mandatory to use them only in shops ect. As I make cloth masks, they hold only an hour, then they need to be washed. As I don't do laundry every day, there needs to be some stock.

In the picture a decorative vase / box (I have a lid for the blue one) that I made from epoxy resin with a mold that finally came after waiting about 1,5 months. I only bought one mold as I didn't know if it was gonna work, but it actually did. One more gift idea for friends. It has a very grandmotherly look :-)

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