By HeidiHH

22052020 70th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

We had a nice fog this morning. It's been humid and warm. Sweating 24.

I went for my morning walk to the monte this morning, alone. On my way back, at 7km, I tripped on a stone on a hill down. When I noticed that I can't keep my balance and there were big stones all over me, I just went for the option to cushion the blow with a roll. Luckily I managed that (for the first time ever). Otherwise the first thing to hit the stone would have been my jaw or hands.

I only rolled once, which was good. I got up and saw my right knee got the first hit. Otherwise I wasn't bleeding or anything like that. Didn't hit my head. I still had 2km  home so I continued. My husband was out cycling so I texted him if he could meet me at the end of the road by the field. But he was so far away, that I was sooner home by myself than waiting for him.

I realized that I have to hurry home if I want my leg still to work as it was swelling pretty fast. Boy was I in pain. But I got home.

Took a shower, lifted my leg and put on ice bag over it. Did lots of faces before the ibuprofen kicked in. I also felt nauseous, but I think it came from the pain. As soon as the pain lifted the nausea disappeared too.

So I've been taking it easy and iced my leg few times. Not that hours have passed, I'm starting to hurt all over. I hit both arms too rolling even if I held them close to my body arms crossed.

Even if this sounds bad, it's not that bad. This is the first time ever I've gotten hurt out in the nature. So that's quite a good track record. And we've been climbing quite scary mountains. This was just bad luck. I didn't see the rock that tripped me and happened to be on a stony area. Which there was only that one on my whole route today!

And I'm so proud of myself managing to roll. I've never practiced falling. I just know you are supposed to roll. So pretty good for first time. And quick train of thought. I've been praising myself all day. I thing otherwise I would needed to visit the emergency room and a dentist. Now I just moan a lot when I move. :-)

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