By evolybab

Flower Friday...Forget-me-not

As I started to write, I realised this was quite an appropriate image for summarising my last week in Yorkshire....I certainly won't forget all the wonderful places and people I met.  Slept very well, and felt refreshed and energised this morning, after yesterday's unaccustomed excercise! A relaxing and comfortable journey home despite the fact it was Friday, and a Bank holiday weekend.The train was half empty and I was spoilt for choice of seat in the quiet carriage...  My garden needs attention and the pond is in desperate need of a top up....tomorrow!
Amongst other things, we talked during the week of responding and commenting on journals, and how difficult it is to keep up. I have since come to the decision, that I will look every day at every journal that I follow, but I will restrict my commenting to a minimum, and at times, only post stars and hearts. It will be difficult.  I hope you all understand, and if anyone one else feels the same, that is quite acceptable to me.........thanks so much :).....Thanks to Bikerbear, and Miranda1008 for hosting the challenges :))
And as always, thank you for the lovely responses to yesterday's image....

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