Capital adventures

By marchmont

Momentous Day

A historic day - the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. She was some woman. It was always good getting a day off school in May to mark it.

I did some shopping this morning and completely overbought for aperos tonight. Got carried away in the farm shop. Also did some thinking about last night's meeting and researched a bit of info on ALFs.

Then this afternoon it was in the garden planting up baskets and generally mucking around. The slugs have been at the sunflower seedlings.

T and G came round and we talked travel, holidays, football, theatre, the Doric. Oh and a wee bit of today's politics.

After they left I watched HIGNFY, which of course was recorded yesterday.

And now where? Emily Maitlis was good on Newsnight, pushing for an answer on why such a tiny % and unrepresentative part of the electorate, a 'selectorate' get to choose the next PM. Of course there was no sensible answer.

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