By Kipsie

I'd rather not be a miserable git ....

but he is.

Time & tide wait for no man, neither does the allotment. Ground to turn, fruit bushes to plant, ground to turn, butternut squash plants need to be transplanted. So being an early riser I was on the allotment at 7am ... flower cuttings potted on, pots & plug trays cleaned. Ground turned for the fruit bushes but loads of bindweed so that makes it at least twice as long to do the job, & back breaking. The ground is rock hard. Came home at 12.30 made a sandwich, watered the garden back here. Hubby says he's watered everything, but he's not a gardener so does'nt realise that plants need to be  WELL watered in this weather. Sun went in, dark clouds heading this way, so I went back up the allotment to get a bit more done. Rain would be most welcome but after I've got everything planted and the bindweed burnt. The hole are dug for the butternut squash plants tomorrow. Got home absolutely wacked, a shower, then make dinner but first  a very well deserved cider while sat in the garden.
I'm going to stop there before I rant ............ lol!!
Not really silly enough for Saturday .................. My mug says "I'd rather be on my allotment" Says it all :)

Thanks to admirer for hosting.

p.s I hope to be sillier tomorrow :)

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