By Kipsie

I need to get out more ....

well actually, I don't. If I did I don't know where I would put any more "stuff" that I collect when I'm on my walkabouts ... I don't keep all of it, but the tangled ropes, the traffic bollard that I fortunately found at just the right time, as my hands were full, on my walk along the Teign estuary, last week by the way, not today, are here waiting for my creative juices to flow. The bottle that I blipped a couple of weeks back was still on the beach so that went in the bollard as well. The beautiful rusty plough blade/boat rudder is still there I expect. I dare'nt bring anything else home there is'nt room.
Back to today, up with the dawn chorus, on the allotment with my flask of coffee by 6.30am. Admired yesterdays graft before starting on the final slog . Second block of sweetcorn planted, butternut squash, pumpkin Jack'o'Lantern, plus 2 courgettes in. Final patch of ground turned, everything watered as we did'nt get a single drop of rain. Grass paths tidied, all tickety boo, so home to a hearty breakfast :) Then attacked the ironing pile .. Packed away my winter woolies .. I know, Nare cast a clout til May is out, but I don't think I shall be needing them. Watched the first episode of Gentleman Jack while doing the ironing. It's always good to have a distraction :)
That done, some tidying up in the back garden before having a tidy out the front. I need to get  my hanging basket made up. I'm up to speed now so time for a breather.

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