Scaw Beach, Lampaness and Sandwick

A very wet start to the day and the otter hunters were thoroughly soaked.  I’m not sure they found an otter either as they were probably snuggled up inside their holts.  We finally got out to Skaw Bay, where I kept my camera in its bag and used by brothers Olympus Tough camera instead. My highlight of the visit was the brightly coloured seaweed on the beach, though there were Ringed Plovers about and some of the big lenses were pointed at a swallow that was skimming nicely across the stream in pursuit of flies.  I think a whitethroat was mentioned too, photographed by Donna from the van.

From there we went up onto the headland where the remnants of an abandoned  second world war RAF camp survives (I wouldn’t have wanted to drive that particular track).  While some of the group went off in search of birds I made my way towards the pointy rocks on the side of Norwick Bay which I’d seen on my sketching morning.

We weren’t finished then, so we were driven off to Sandwick Bay in the South East, by which time a very fine rain was coating my camera lens (I quite like the misty effect) and we all piled back into the vans and headed back to our accommodation (I don’t think we did tea-rooms on this occasion).  

I ran out of time and energy as the week progressed so I’m trying to catch up now before I forget entirely.

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