Breakfast at Söderberg

Instead of standing in the rain watching the start of the Edinburgh Marathon, I went for breakfast at Söderberg where I was joined by daughters #2&3. Daughter#3, preparing to leave Oman in August for ever and settle in Portobello has come back for a quick visit bringing with her the street cat she adopted 3 years ago, Prince Mikey who has his own Instagram account.
She has spent a fortune flying him back, after having him microchipped and inoculated against rabies so that he wouldn’t need to go into quarantine.

Having had an ear infection when he was collected off the streets of Muscat, and having it develop into meningitis, he is deaf and has some neurological problems, but otherwise is very affectionate and happy. He is going to live with daughter #4 in Glasgow while Katherine goes back to Muscat for 2 months to leave her job and wind up her affairs after 20 years living there.

We finally drifted from Söderberg to the Dower House for lunch when we were joined by David and Luca. They have left now, but not before we planned another get together on Friday night when Shipley daughter and her 2 boys will be here for mid term. You wait ages to see some members of the family, and suddenly they all come at once.

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