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By Diane2104

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As predicted yesterday, it was a wet morning so it was full of chores, but the weather did clear in the afternoon and the sun came out, even if it was quite windy.  I wanted to see if the juvenile woodpecker had fledged yet as it's been two weeks since I last visited. I was in luck, it was still there and calling for food quite loudly. Even if I didn't know exactly where it was before, I reckon I'd have no trouble finding it with the amount of noise it was making. As mum got closer and called out, it appeared and poked it's head out to see where she was. It doesn't look far from fledging if you ask me. I didn't stay long as I had to go and visit my own mum! 

On the way back to the car, the coot babies were being fed by their parents (extra) and it was nice to still see the 6 cygnets with their parents on the pond. Since I last visited, some idiot has set light to the reeds around the pond and now it's just a black bed of ash. Why do people do things like that? - it's mind boggling. Luckily the coots have nested in the middle of the pond by the "no fishing" sign, but the swan nest was destroyed and who knows what else? I know I have seen reed warblers and reed buntings in the reeds recently, so there is a possibility that some have perished :((

I also read on FB today that the new hide at Lunt Meadows that must have only just opened, has also been vandalised. It's been quickly repaired but will now be locked unless there is a volunteer on site, which I can't imagine will be that often. It's such a shame and really says a lot about how some people in society have no respect whatsoever. I get really angry and annoyed when I read stuff like this. 

Anyway, time for dinner.....

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