By Kipsie

Small but perfectly formed

as Swollen-thighed beetles go :)

I'm posting my blip now as I need to go and have a lie down. Whoever it was that said booking a holiday was stressful was absolutely blipping correct. Phew! What a stressful afternoon I've had. Well, the last couple of hours anyway .. Don't worry I've poured my cider, in a glass. Did'nt taste quite the same out of a vase. Oh, you want to know where we're going. We're going to Turkey on Saturday from Bristol, lost our seats on the Exeter flight while applying & paying $40 for Turkish's which we did'nt realise we needed until after we had virtually finalised the booking. The gentleman at Green Dot, the company we've booked with was very understanding, he could'nt get his magic wand to produce two seats on the Exeter flight, hence having to fly from Bristol two days later. The mind goes blank when under pressure, well mine does anyway. The hotel we've booked has good reviews on Tripadvisor,  we are going self catering as we prefer the flexibility of going local, & now it's booked, apart from getting visa's & travel info printed off at the library tomorrow morning, I can relax.

Forgot the kids would be off school this week so no DPHT this morning, so instead spent some time in the greenhouse sowing more seed. Leek, butternut squash, squash Turk's Turban, a really funky cool looking veg :), white runner beans, Borlotti beans, AND a little trial of sorts. A friend suggested sowing beetroot seed in a piece of guttering, well I thought I would give it a go. Made a pretty good job of adapting the guttering,  pic may follow in a future blip if it works, but not only have I sown Bolthardy beetroot, I also had space for Rainbow beets, they look really funky too, not sure how they will taste but apparently good roasted whole according to the packet, plus spring onion, & last but not least oak leaf pick & come again lettuce. Of course this was all done before we had decided to look for a holiday. DUH!!

Time to make dinner, & top up my glass.

Thanks for hosting ninniex :)

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