Eenie, meenie, minie, mo

Sweetcorn to go in,
Onions, you gotta go.

I'm a hard task master, & the onions were just not performing, so out they came this morning. I've got to 2 blocks of sweetcorn yet to plant, plus a batch of Mystery beans. I think they could be French but as I can't remember where I harvested them from ????... but they need space too. AND I still have 15 Roma tomato plants that need space. It's no wonder I can't sleep.................. I pulled the onions, worked in a load of horse poo, plus chicken pellet manure, & watered it in. I reckon the sweetcorn plants will be okay in the cells for another week. Second patch given the same treatment. Did some weeding, watered some of the veg, sowed  a row beetroot at the base of the peas. I put the corrugated plastic sheets around the tomato plants to give them a bit of protection from the wind. Checked my hazel stick cache. I might need more if i can squeeze the remaining tom plants in. Popped a short row of lettuce seed in through the middle of the squash bed. Squash are going UP, not along, so trying to maximize space.  I still have 1 block of onions doing okay but not amazing. I don't think I will bother with onions again. They take up space for too long. Before all this action I nipped down to Mum's to pick up an empty bathroom cleaner/bleach sprayer. I have black fly on my beans :- ((( I crept into the back garden without waking Indie, retrieved the dispenser from the recycle bin & departed. That was my first job on the plot. Washing up liquid + water ...squirt, squirt, mist, mist. Fingers crossed.

Emma, a half plot neighbour joked that she was entering the RHS allotment plot as she came closer for a chat .... proof of the plot is in the produce. It all looks ticketyboo, I'm still learning, lots I don't know, so I'm always asking advice from others on the site.

The onions have been tweaked by all sorts in Picasa, but do they have that painterly look. Maybe not. They're lounging in the sun now, drying so that I can save them for a while.

Aldi steaks for dinner tonight . will they be as good as Tesco's??? I find it interesting how Aldi adverts in the newspaper compare their shopping basket to Tesco's. In fact, I think many are doing this now. How times are changing ... I could'nt do a complete shop in Aldi, & I'm certainly not going to waste my life whizzing here, there, and everywhere to get the best price on a particular item. Life is way tooo short, well, unless it's compost. LOL!!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday, plus the challenge 'Painterly'

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