Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Where's Waldo?

(or...I didn't do it!)

A rainy, cool day.  My parents spent some of the morning looking at various routes back west, incorporating geocaching and some walking along the way.  Then, we all ran a few RV-related errands.  Once back here, Dad went to work on an elusive problem with the brake-lights on the RV ... and managed to fix the problem!  

I zipped out between showers and snapped a few shots.  My favorite was this one with one of the squirrels peeking out from inside the foliage of the cherry tree.  One of the squirrels figured out how to breech the squirrel-proof (ha!) feeder so now I have to see if I can outsmart a small furry rodent.  I wouldn't place a bet on this one unless you're on the side of the rodent.

Planning on a low-key evening.  Tomorrow should be better weather so maybe we'll get out for a walk in the morning.  The afternoon will be consumed with the air-con repairs.  I fear that we may need a new unit for the upstairs (gulp), but hope I'm wrong.  

Deliberations underway for the naming of the chipmunk...


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