Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Missed Moments...

This is a female Bold Jumping Spider who lives near one of my bee-houses.  I know she's a she because of her size - a bold 1/4 inch, about 3 times as large as the male of the species.  Today I was watching the bee house activity - all solitary wasps sealing up their nest tubes at the moment, none of whom could I catch in flight.  A larger wasp came and settled in a patch of sun near the bee house.  Slowly, this jumper crept up until she was within pouncing distance - and just like that...pounce ...and she missed!  Seen here, you may notice that she's got a very disappointed look on her face.  So did I as I'd have liked to have captured that.

I also missed getting a shot of two male cardinals engaged in an aerial battle.  Another disappointed look.  Oh well.

The day started with an unexpected trip to the emergency vet for Phoebe who was throwing right and left.  Several hours there waiting while they triaged more critical cases.  Phoebe ended up with a shot of antibiotics (still fighting that inner ear infection) as well as an anti-nausea med.  She seems okay now.  We'll get her to her regular vet sometime this week.  

After that, I headed to the gym while Hubs took a bike ride.  Much needed for both of us.

Mom and Dad are making their way back and should get here around 6 or 7.  Be good to have them "home" again.  Hubs and I are both really enjoying having this time with them and really going to miss them when they head west.  

Planning to consult with Mom on the name options for the patio chipmunk.  She was very busy hoovering up seeds and taking peanuts from my hands today (the chipmunk, not Mom).  


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