hello again

By admirer


I saw these two butterflies on a fern. At first I thought: what a strange butterfly is that, but when I came nearer with my camera ready, I noticed there were two and quietly connected for a long time. They did not react at all at my appearence..
In the morning we had worked in the garden. I had made another drawing, and replanted tiny plants in little pots.
It was already almost 4 pm when we drove to the Forellenhof and started our walk there. The weather was nice, not too hot.
A varied walk. First the path in the forest along a nice brook, then along large fields down the hill with the forest at our right hand.
I saw the butterflies from far, white between the all green edge.
We were a kind of glad when we reached the Forellenhof (it is for sale) again, the walk just a bit longer than we had the last weeks,

I will give tonight more silly hearts to Paola, Ingeborg, cassnett, dollydoug and robvegnuti.

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