By Royal Appointment?

Q: What's a Waitrose home-delivery groceries van doing sitting in a Lidl car park?
A: Waiting to be blipped!

We did chuckle when we stopped at Lidl for essentials ... and now we're home!

It was raining when we arrived, but too little too late for many patio plants. Those with globe-watering devices are wilting; those without are dead. The pond is empty, but its yellow flag irises are blooming. And I've cut a way through to the birds' feeding station as the buddleia and forsythia have gone beserk. Weeds and grass have choked the lovely purple-blue geraniums, so plenty to occupy me outdoors. (And unless I clean the windows that will be the only way to see the garden!)

Woke at 4am (to backblip this), so a good start to readjusting to UK time. Six weeks' mail to plough through ... bills to pay ... washing to do ... but, wow! Was it worth it? Yes! We have had a fabulous holiday. Thanks for coming with us - will gradually catch up with everyone.

More tea ....

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