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By arkensielphoto


Another day catching up with knitting and I have now completed everything that I had on my needles except my temperature blanket and my crocheted squares which I pick up and put down as the mood takes me. I still have buttons to sew on garments but they are all stitched together .
I have been playing with my new headphones and by following the instructions I have connected them, wirelessly, to my ancient iPod and my cheap, rubbishy phone that I have been using for OU work; both connected within fifteen seconds! As to my iPhone it does not appear to be able to “find” it. I have tried turning off the iPhone but it still does not work. We are in Cambridge tomorrow, another short notice Addenbrookes appointment for my husband so I shall visit the Apple shop, with headphones and iPhone.
I had planned to garden this morning, but the weather, although very warm, nineteen degrees Celsius at noon, was also windy and black clouds kept appearing. There is most of next week available to do some gardening so not too much of a problem.
Today’s picture is of some of my blue/mauve/purple Wisteria flowers. I have had this for about twenty years and last year was the first time it flowered; hopefully it will continue to do so in the future. Strangely my white Wisteria now has some flowers, which are showing signs of blueness. I have called today’s flowers as blue/mauve/purple; my family are well aware that I do not see colours the same as they do. I am not colour blind; personally I think that all my family are all wrong and that I am right!

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