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By arkensielphoto

I was going to return all the marked and checked exam scripts to the system this afternoon, but decided that until I had sent them back I was not retired, so they went back at 0900 hours this morning. I now have very little to do as there will be no further contact with the students. My contract expires on 30 June; it is in place so that they can pay me my final salary.
I was going to do some gardening this morning, but it had been raining in the night so everywhere was rather wet. My husband was pottering about outside and someone had to be indoors to wait for my parcel to arrive.
It duly turned up at 1140 hours and had to be signed for. I would like to see the signature for the ones which were delivered to “a neighbour” on Sunday, in the next town.
Instead of gardening, this morning I have been sitting in the conservatory, watching the squirrels and birds and knitting. I hate sewing up garments and sewing on the buttons. I still have not found any buttons I like for the little romper I made a few weeks ago. Since then I have made two cardigans (still without buttons) and a hat. I am pleased with how they have turned out, especially the little newborn hat. I will blip them sometime in the future and I might also put them on my Instagram page.

The weather at noon was sixteen degrees Celsius and it was quite a dull day. After lunch it started to rain, so even though I could have done some gardening during the afternoon, it was too wet; maybe tomorrow.

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