Cobra lily

A wet day today, not heavy but gentle rain for most of the time. I'm at home, catching up on emails and phone calls and other miscellaneous odds and sods.

This morning I put most of the house plants outside to get a gentle washing, so I'll need to get all these back in shortly - we're off to Glasgow after dinner for a couple of days. As I haven't left the house and garden today it seemed a good idea to put on a plant Blip, so here's Arisaema formosanum, a cobra lily from Taiwan, which island was previously known as Formosa, of course. Strange plants, but I love them and at one point had over 30 species at Arduaine Garden.

My extra continues the plant theme, and shows a tray of Hippeastrum x ackermannii - or acramannii - which are probably better and wrongly known as Amaryllis. This hybrid is pretty hardy and this tray of bulbs has sat outside all winter. I grew them ouside at Arduaine too and it's quite a surprise to find them surviving the winter. I think they're on the edge of hardiness here in Oban though.

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