The Blue Ridge Mountains of Argyll

Not a bad day today, though getting cooler and greyer as the day went on. I went to the tunnel this afternoon to plant out the rest of my runner beans and to weed and feed the bed. On the way home I climbed the fence to photograph these wonderful bluebells, with Cruachan in the background. 

Later on I joined three other Keep Oban Beautiful supporters with an hour's clear-up of the Hydro ruins. Two of them were an Australian couple who have not long come to live in Oban. What an introduction to Oban - the place is a tip and we collected six black bags of rubbish, including one of cans and others of mixed rubbish including a lot of broken glass. I've put on an extra showing the sort of damage these half-wits do to the trees.

Last night it was such a beautiful evening that after a meeting at the Sensory Garden I went back down to the town for a walk along the seafront with my camera. I was so ashamed - the place was full of tourists enjoying the sun, the rubbish bins were full to overflowing and people were unable to push any more in, so polystyrene fish and chip boxes were blowing around the streets. There's absolutely no excuse for this - Oban is a tourist town and visitors shouldn't have to put up with this total lack of care on behalf of the authorities. I don't care what excuses they may come up with - they are all irrelevant!

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