Is it a loch, or is it a pond?

A lovely day today, turning into a real scorcher! I went back to Glencruitten walled garden to plant the rest of my runner beans, each protected by a tube cut from a plastic bottle. I spent a furtive 15 minutes at Tesco's recycling area this morning, fishing out bottles to cut up, and trying not to look sad! Stealing from the recycling bin does seem rather weird!

On the way back from Glencruitten I stopped, as I often have before, at Luachrach Loch, a reservoir with an earth dam - which is all I can find out about it - but known locally as McKay's Pond. I'm not sure who McKay was, but whether he ever claimed ownership of this loch I don't know. 

My extra is an example of the sort of sense of humour one doesn't usually associate with large companies!

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