Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty

Lake District Day 3

After another delicious breakfast we packed and left our lovely hotel. We headed north to Derwentwater so we could walk up Catbells. Parking was tricky by the side of the road and fortunately I spotted a ditch next to the first spot so we moved further up the road. While Chris was parking I heard a loud bang and initially thought Chris had hit something but thankfully for us it was someone else. A man had tried to park in our first spot and had ended up tipping his very expensive car into the ditch. He was unable to get out and had probably written off his car. Not a good day for him.
We walked up most of Catbells and saw some beautiful views of Derwentwater. Afterwards we headed for Aria Force, a National Trust waterfall that people had told us was spectacular. Well I wouldn't call it spectacular and it was certainly no Niagara! We did have a lovely cream tea though in the cafe beforehand so it wasn't a wasted trip.
Just as the rain started, we jumped in the car and headed home to see our lovely boys who had obviously missed us very much.
Thanks Dan and Dad for our Christmas present. It was a lovely break.

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