Still Rockin'

By RockArea


There's been a lot of aircraft activity in front of the house today. It's the Torbay Airshow tomorrow and some teams are using today's fine weather to have a little aerobatics practice over the river ahead of the display. The Airshow is always a bit frustrating because the display area is directly in our line of view except there's a ridge (about 180 metres high) between us so we only see them as moving dots when they go upwards. The planes usually fly in from Exeter airport and we sometimes them going up the river in front of us on the way to the display. Sometimes it's a single Spitfire or a Red Arrow but one year for the Dawlish Show we got the full team of Arrows flying through, slightly below eye level. We live in hope!

As I said before, it's been a gorgeous day and when I went out I noticed this barleyfield. To make it a little different from the one I did last week, I thought I'd extend the exposure a little to get some movement. I'm not so keen on the ones with lots of movement. Two seconds seemed to much but I suppose it depends on how strong the breeze is. The one I like best is only an 8th of a second but that seems plenty to me.

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