By ArcLight


Compare the extra, taken this morning when the rain was falling and it was cold, with the blip, taken as we walked back from dinner.

The walk to and from dinner was fun, although slightly tinged by having just received some really bad news about the death of a friend. We raised a glass, etc. etc. By the time we left Trattoria Pepe, which was really quite authentically Italian, the sun had come out, so we wandered back through back streets and various roads, and saw some great street art.

I have too many photographs to edit. That will have to wait.

The other amusing thing that happened today was a rapid handover of my scarf which I left chez I and J yesterday. I waited on the main road and I came past in a taxi with wee I, and I grasped the scarf as he went past holding it out of the window. Very efficient.

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