By Teasel

Proud Mum

Another grey day did not inspire me to go out for a  run, but I plodded round five miles and it was very muggy again, so not the most pleasant run.  I had a few chores to do in town, including returning BB’s sports champion shield from primary seven.  It was strange going back to the primary school after almost a year.

BB came rushing home from school declaring that they had made chilli nachos in home economics, and that he would have that for lunch.   The dish was clean in no time at all.  Later I popped out for some fresh air, as I had a headache.

BB had the School of Rugby Dinner tonight.  He got ready at the very last moment and rushed off to meet up with a couple of friends and they all went together.

I went off to meet TT from his bus home, except he had missed the bus!  We were going to grab a quick bite to eat before joining the rugby dinner for the speeches and presentations.  We had to eat quickly! 

Those rugby people do like a speech – there were many speeches, but it was all worth it, as BB was awarded the Players Player of the Year trophy.  What a proud mum moment and most unexpected as he had never even played rugby until he went to high school.  He didn’t let go of his trophy, even when the boys all bailed outside to kick a football about!!

It's funny that I got rid of one trophy this morning and he comes back with an even bigger one this evening!

We had a lovely rest of evening socialising with other rugby parents, before the trek home.  We were all weary by the time we got home, especially BB.

The blip I had planned has had to be ditched for this – not the best photo, but it records the moment.

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