Miss Cheeky Charlie

Today started out as a quieter day.  I had a lift to church where we had some Missionaries come to speak to us.

I came home, had lunch and started on my sermon again...  I am taking a break, took pictures of Charlie, loaded them to Picasa and all of a sudden my 'D' drive is full -without any prior warning :( :(  So now I can't export anything with my name on or whatever...such a nightmare :(

This has made me realise I need to get a back up drive if nothing else for my photos.  So I have then spent a while deleting pictures...

Not sure I'll get back to the sermon tonight which is very worrying as I am not happy about it...

Oh yes and I put the washing out, then it rained!

Its another day tomorrow :)

Just making roast chicken stew and its Gentleman Jack tonight - the third episode.  I love the music and I like her character and the history ...

Happy Sunday folks :)

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