By flavia13


Lovely morning this morning.  Went to Tai Chi, haven't been for 3 weeks due to my various holidays.

After a wonderfully rejuvinating session we then had a birthday party, a surprise for one as it was his 90th and two others who celebrated their birthdays on the same day.  Eric was 90, Gladders birthday too (obviously 25th) and Ali also celebrated her birthday.

It was really lovely - we all pooled together and provided various bits of food, so much food all delicious.  Caroline made the surprise chocolate birthday cake, (the photo and totally delicious).  Others also made lemon drizzle (gluten free) and sponge.  

Caroline organised it all before she went on holiday and how she managed to make such a delicious cake when she only got back from her hols yesterday I'll never know.  Amazing.

Everyone chipped in with setting up too, we had such a lovely time and sang Happy Birthday to all 3.

All in all a lovely day.  The sun's also come out too - yeah.  Hope it's nice tomorrow 'cos I'd like to go out with the camera again.

Hope you are all well and having a good day.  See you all again tomorrow.

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